WUND Healing BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. (WUND) believes that Regenerative Medicine is the future of healthcare. WUND believes that many of the problems of our aging bodies are from lack of blood flow to the organs which can cause a cascade of negative effects on the body and our health. 

The lack of blood perfusion (flow) to an organ or tissue is the single biggest cause of death in the world. Heart attacks, strokes and the complication of diabetes, all result from a decreased flow of blood into a tissue or organ. In the U.S., the American Heart Association reports that 1/3 of all deaths are from cardiovascular disease caused by a lack of blood perfusion to the heart or brain (2014 AHA statistics). In the U.S., 24 million Americans have diabetes, and a significant percentage of these patients progress to develop vascular complications of their diabetes including foot ulcers, peripheral vascular disease, and critical limb ischemia

If we can grow blood vessels to repair damaged hearts, legs and brains and other organs, we can save lives and improve the quality of those lives. WUND owns the exclusive rights to a new regenerative pharmaceutical for United States and Canada that can stimulate blood vessels, nerves and skin growth. The active molecule in this biologic pharmaceutical is Fibroblast Growth Factor 1 (FGF-1).  It is being developed by Zhittya Regenerative Medicine (ZRM).

FGF-1 is a natural protein contained within our

bodies. It is released upon tissue injury and is

the body’s natural response to tissue repair.

FGF-1 stands out due to its potency and its

ability to stimulate the production of not only

capillaries but larger arterioles, which are critical

in bringing more blood into the injured tissue.

Also, FGF-1 is the only growth factor known to

be potently mitogenic for dermal fibroblasts,

vascular endothelial cells, and epidermal

keratinocytes, the three major cell types

present in the skin. These structural properties and biologic activities make it an extremely attractive therapeutic agent to promote dermal healing.

The principals of Zhittya Regenerative Medicine have been working with FGF-1 for over 25 years. Their experience includes the manufacturing and quality control of FGF-1 and the design and successful implementation of FDA-approved clinical trials for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers and coronary artery disease.

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WUND owns the rights to sell the drugs developed by Zhittya Regenerative Medicine in the United States and Canada.

John Laub is the President and CEO of WUND Healing BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. John ran the Regenerative Medicine Organization for over 10 years. He also founded and is the President of the Nevada Biotechnology & Health Science Consortium. He is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Sciences.

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John Laub, CEO

We are advancing a group of drugs which trigger the

human body's natural regeneration process