Greg is a retired sales director for surgical device firms at which he worked at for the last 20 years

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Tony worked as a business development officer for the Boy Scouts USA for 30 years. He has worked in Los Angeles, New York, Kansas City, El Paso and Las Vegas. 

Steve has served as VP of marketing for the Medical Services Development Corporation, he was a managing director of three healthcare marketing firms and held key roles with three large hospitals. Steven has been nationally recognized for his work in healthcare and business marketing. Steven is the co-founder of the Nevada Biotechnology and Health Science Consortium.

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Tony Romo, VP of Business Development

Jim has been working with governments and political campaigns for over 40 years. Jim has also taught Marketing at several colleges. He has an MBA and a Masters in Computer Information Management. 

At WUND, We have built a great team and have developed relationships that will make us successful in reaching our goals.

John Laub, CEO

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Wund Healing BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. 
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James Lamb, Director & VP of Governmental Affairs

John Laub is the President and CEO of WUND Healing BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. John ran the Regenerative Medicine Organization for over 10 years. He also founded and is the President of the Nevada Biotechnology & Health Science Consortium. He is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas College of Sciences.

Greg Fey, Director

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Steven zak, Director & Chief Marketing Officer